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Search rates for years 2017 or 2019
Search ~2,500 properties in Cape May County, NJ in 7 seconds!
Please Check:
Berger Realty (Ocean City)
Grace Realty (Ocean City)
Monihan Realty (Ocean City)
Fox Real Estate (Ocean City)
Landis Company (Sea Isle City)
Ferguson Dechert (Avalon)
Coldwell Banker Otton (Stone Harbor)
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Please Note!!!

Vacation dates default to start the first Saturday (Jan-06-2018) in 2018.

Properties that start on Friday start the day before this date and properties that start on Sunday start the day after this date.

In all cases upon a successful seach, the CORRECT day and start dates will display!

  • rates quoted are for rents only! Other charges may apply (ie. security deposits, phone deposits, utilities, processing fees, ...)
  • offerings are subject to a signed lease by landlord and tenant!
  • subject to errors, omissions and changes without notice!

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