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Playland's Castaway Cove
10th & Boardwalk
Ocean City, NJ

(609) 399-4751
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Tees & Sweats
Sign up and advertise your vacation rental or sale listing in our local directory and we'll give you our branded hooded sweatshirt or a long sleeve white teeshirt. Note! - Listing must have complete rate(s), price, description, map, 7 photos AND have correct & validated contact info AND be offered & maintained on our site for 3 months to qualify. Sizes, colors and logos are subject to availability. Offer limited to owner of the property.

Free Magnets are available at various locations in Ocean City.

2014 Fourth of July Flip Flops - Sorry ! Sold out !

Our Magnets !
SICNJ.com Turtle, Pumpkin, Banner Plane and Polar Bear Plunge Magnets at
Landis Company Realtors (609) 263-3400 or Mike's Seafood (609) 263-3458
Coming soon - September 28 - participants in OC's 1/2 marathon (limited quantity)

@Seaport Golf - 948 Boardwalk, Ocean City - $1.00
Coming soon - Late September - @Mike's Seafood

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