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Why use AtThShore.com?

We offer competitive discounted listings fees:

  • At a minimum, you can list in our local directory for as little as $100 for a 4 month listings.


  • If you want discounted real estate broker listings services, we offer:
    • 2% listing fee for listings sold <$500,000
    • 1.5% fee for listings sold $500K to <$600,000
    • 1.4% fee for listings sold $600K to <$700,000
    • 1.3% fee for listings sold $700K to <$800,000
    • 1.2% fee for listings sold $800K to <$900,000
    • 1.1% fee for listings sold $900K to <$1,000,000
    • 1.0% fee for listings sold $1,000,000 to <$2,000,000
    • $20,000 flat fee for listings sold at $2,000,000 and above
  • We take listings for a 4 month minimum to 6 month maximum period.
  • You can offer selling brokers any commission fee on the MLS (typically 3%). At a minimum, this fee should match our listing fee.
  • We allow you to sell your listing directly. In the event you sell the listing on your own, we only charge the listing fee (above). In the event you want to have us faciliate the sale for a buyer, we will do so at an additional fee as your listing.
  • In the event you become a buyer and need buyer-broker services outside of our listings, we will ask any broker of your choice if they will rebate/credit you a typical 20% referral fee.
  • In the event you, as a seller, would buy one of our listings, we will put you in contact with that seller if they have chose to deal direct with buyers OR will faciliatate the sale at an additional fee as the listing above.
  • In the event you want to split your listing with another broker, we will do so at a 1.5% fee.

Why use us over other listing brokers?

  1. We save you money


    in the alternative, we allow you (at your option) to incentivize your listings on the MLS by offering higher selling splits to selling offices. For example, if our fee is 1.5%, you can offer selling offices 4.5%!
  2. We offer alternatives over the typical 3% listing and 3% selling commissions.
  3. We only represent you. We avoid dual agency conflicts!
  4. We allow you to manage and maintain your listings on-line!
  5. We log all your listing activity on our site!
  6. We have easy access voice back and direct web info on our signs!
  7. We have the best and easiest web address for your listing :


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